Supplementary Heaters

Are you having trouble heating your rooms effectively and economically with your current heating system? Dealing with discomfort and high energy costs can be frustrating. Fortunately, our eco2heat heaters offer the perfect solution to these problems. Our heaters are an excellent supplementary option that consumes very little energy, making it easy to heat your rooms cost-effectively. Our portable model can be positioned anywhere you need warmth, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or office. Plus, you can easily move the heater from room to room, providing heat exactly where you need it.

The eco2heat heater uses innovative technology that quickly and effectively distributes heat. Unlike traditional heaters, which use a lot of energy and take a long time to warm up a room, our heater is highly efficient and fast. In addition to being efficient and cost-effective, the eco2heat heater is also user-friendly and safe to use.

If you're struggling to heat your rooms effectively and economically, consider our eco2heat heaters. With their mobility, high efficiency, and ease of use, they're the ideal solution for anyone looking to reduce their heating costs while creating a comfortable living environment.

  • Stig's Story with eco2heat

    Stig, a retired man from Lund (Sweden), lives with his wife in a terraced house and had difficulties in adequately heating their rooms with the city's central heating system. The temperature could not be set higher than 19-20 degrees, which was too cold for him and his wife due to their advanced age.

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  • Robert's Story (Niedersachsen-Germany)

    Our 20-year-old house is well insulated, but doesn't meet today's standards for thermal insulation and triple glazing. To test the effectiveness of eco2Heat's smallest 250 watt infrared heater, I installed it in our bathroom, which is tiled up to the ceiling and 23 sqm in size.

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