Infrared portable heater ceramic with wooden frame

This freestanding model with a wooden frame is ideal as a mobile additional heating element and perfect
for placing where extra heat is needed. The flexible heating solution consists of two ceramic plates that emit infrared heat in both directions. There are no limits to potential uses. Wall mounts are included so that you can also use the freestanding heater as a wall- mounted unit. For environmental reasons, we have refrained from varnishing, painting, and other surface treatment methods for our natural beech frame.

Product Specifications Table Example
Dimension (mm) Watt Area (m2) Art. Nr
1060x560x30 mm 480W 18m2* ECO-KERSTG-0001
860x560x30 mm 410W 14m2* ECO-KERSTK-0001
*The information provided is relevant to residential properties that are well insulated. Contact us to determine the heating capacity required for your property.

Technical Details


220-240V 50-60Hz

Surface Material

3mm ceramic + 27mm wood

Surface Temperature

Approximately 80-85 degrees Celsius

Water Protection

IPX4 (protected against splashing water from all sides)


This heater can be used as a free-standing unit by simply plugging it into your power source. Our delivery includes all necessary materials for a secure wall-mounting installation. Please note that temperature control requires a separate thermostat, which is not included in the standard delivery.


We collaborate with various smart home providers and offer a range of components that can help you achieve your preferred room temperature while also reducing energy consumption and costs. Contact us for more information.


3 years

We offer the ideal heating solution for your requirements. Please get in touch with us to find out more.