Application for Tiny Houses

eco2heat® infrared heaters are the perfect heating solution for a variety of small spaces, including tiny and small houses, living containers, and garden houses. They distribute heat evenly by emitting long-wave infrared radiation, providing efficient heating for even the smallest spaces.

Thanks to their impressive range of up to 10 meters, eco2heat® infrared
heaters can efficiently heat a range of small spaces. They are also
cost-effective to operate, consume less energy, and are safe, lightweight, and portable.
In summary, eco2heat® infrared heaters are suitable for anyone who needs a cost-effective, efficient, and safe heating method for small spaces. With their advanced technology and impressive heating performance, they will keep you warm and comfortable in any environment with limited space.

  • Finn's Story with eco2heat® for his tiny house

    Finn has always been mindful of his environmental impact and energy consumption, so when he decided to build his tiny house, he was determined to find an efficient and sustainable heating solution. After conducting extensive research, he discovered eco2heat® and their innovative infrared heaters.
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