Application for Production Halls

Our eco2heat® heaters are also an ideal solution for workshops and production halls, with specialized heaters designed for this purpose. The height of the ceiling is not relevant, as our heaters emit heat in the area where it is needed, ensuring a warm and comfortable environment for workers. Thanks to their patented features, eco2heat® heaters are an extremely cost-effective solution for production halls. They enable savings in installation costs and maintenance, providing an economical option. Additionally, our heaters are environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on your CO2 footprint.

By choosing eco2heat® heaters, you are not only providing a comfortable work environment for your employees, but also contributing to a sustainable future.

  • S&W Feinmechanik

    When planning our production hall, we planned a size of 440 m² and a height of 7 m. Additionally, we explicitly decided on the new heating system from eco2heat®.
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