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The Burgpforte Bad Neuheim

Cultural heritage renovated to the highest standards...

The Burgpforte is a cultural heritage site that has been renovated to the highest standards. The half-timbered house is part of the "tenth barn ensemble" in the middle of the historic old town of Bad Nauheim. In the old structure, modern living spaces were created that fully meet today's requirements. A special feature here was that all the old parts of the building, such as doors, flooring, etc., were preserved and restored. New materials such as OSB flooring and muntin windows were only used for additions that contrast with the old inventory. The rooms are equipped with a total of 30x eco2heat® IR in-built heaters, which are integrated into the walls and therefore blend in perfectly with the rest of the atmosphere.

Project background:

Burgpforte, Bad Nauheim, Germany
Building: Burgpforte, part of a castle monument from the 14th century
Renovation year: 2016
Heating: 30x eco2heat in-built heaters: 630W

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