The Amtshaus Restaurant

The Amtshaus Restaurant

Customer review from the mayor of the city of Freudenberg, Heinz Hoffmann, about the IR panels

Acquisition costs are low compared to other heating systems
Energy consumption decreased from 24kWh to 4.5 kWh, which is about 70% lower electricity consumption compared to night heaters
The moisture in the walls was measurably reduced, so there is more comfortable heat, significantly better microclimate, simply a better atmosphere in the rooms.
The purchase, economics, and comfort with your infrared heating panels are unmatched. Based on my experience, I can warmly recommend you and your heating system.

Project background:

The Amtshaus restaurant in Freudenberg (the "old district office") - a vaulted sandstone building from the 16th century - needed to be renewed. Previously, the rooms were equipped with electric night heaters with a total consumption of 24kWh. With the eco2heat® panels, the consumption has been reduced to the current 4.5 kWh.

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