Fallstudie: 140 m² Haus in Eslöv, Schweden.

Case Study 140 m² House in Eslöv, Sweden

This case study is highlighting the positive impact of eco2heat® infrared heaters on a 140 square meter house in Eslöv, southern Sweden. The old air heat pump in the house was replaced with 8x eco2heat® infrared heaters in October 2022, which included eco2heat® in-built heaters inside the walls. The total output of the new heaters was 3,700 watts.

Data was collected from October 2022 to March 2023, over a period of 155 days, where a smart home system to control the thermostat and measure energy consumption. This enabled a side-by-side comparison of the energy consumption before and after the installation of the new heaters. The comparison showed a significant improvement in energy efficiency, with the new heaters consuming 22% less energy than the old air heat pump.

Additionally, the owner noticed a significant improvement in the indoor climate, as the eco2heat® infrared heaters created a cozy and space-saving environment.


Year of construction  2003 (well insulated)
Living area 140 m²
Average heating period per year 210 days
Average operating time in hours 8 hours
Average room temperature 19 - 20,5 °C (IR feels 2°C warmer)
New Heating System 8x eco2heat® heaters (max output 3700 Watt)
Thermostat control

Smart Home with energy measuring





Heating period  2021/22 (155 days) 2021/22 (155 days)
Average outside temperature

5 °C

4,4 °C
Heat Demand 32 Watt / 

25 Watt / 
kWh Consumption 5537 kWh 4350 kWh
kWh per Day 36 kWh

28 kWh



  • Heat demand of 25 watts per m² with eco2heat®
  • Approximately 1200 kWh savings during the comparison period
  • Approximately 22% energy savings compared to the heat pump
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