Finn's Tiny House und eco2heat®

Finn's Tiny House and eco2heat®

Finn, an electrician from Hörby in South Sweden, has always been conscious of his impact on both his health and the environment, which includes his energy consumption. When he decided to build his tiny house, he was determined to find an efficient and sustainable heating solution. After extensive research, he discovered eco2heat® and their innovative infrared heaters.

Finn ultimately decided to purchase three heaters: two with 480 watts for his 25m2 living area and one mirror heater with 530 watts for his bathroom. This provided him with a total of 1,490 watts to heat up his entire living space. The heaters are operated using a thermostat solution, and typically run for an average of 8 hours per day during the heating season.

Initially, Finn was unsure if three eco2heat® heaters would be enough to heat his 30m2 tiny house, but he had faith in their efficiency. Finn was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the heaters warmed up his space and created an ideal room climate. The temperature is consistent, and there are no cold spots, even in the bathroom. Finn is also delighted with how quiet and space-saving the heaters are, as he values a peaceful environment. Visitors to his tiny house are often impressed by the warmth and comfort, with some even mistaking the eco2heat® heaters for floor heating, which amuses Finn.

Finn is delighted with his energy bills and feels confident that he made a wise investment in the long-term sustainability of his home by choosing eco2heat® heaters. He can't imagine ever buying any other type of heater. 

Today, Finn enjoys his cozy and warm living space, secure in the knowledge that he has made an environmentally conscious choice in his heating system. He recommends eco2heat® to anyone looking for a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable heating solution

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