Antoniadu: Wie unser Restaurant umweltfreundlich wurde und viel Geld einsparte.

Antoniadu: How our restaurant became green and saved a lot of money.

In my restaurant a historic sandstone vaulted building dating back to the 16th century, I faced a significant challenge in preparing for the coming winter months, replacing our outdated electric night storage heaters with a modern heating system that was cost-effective, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and minimized expenses in every aspect. Despite testing several heating systems, none of them met our expectations. Fortunately, we decided to work with your company, and I can confidently say that we made the right choice. Over the course of eight weeks, we underwent a thorough consultation and testing process, received exceptional support and design advice, and ultimately received a high-quality heating system that was delivered promptly. As the winter season comes to a close, I can attest to the effectiveness of our new heating system and the success of our decision to work with your company. Thank you for providing such excellent service and helping us achieve our heating needs. The purchase costs are lower than those of other heating systems. The KW connection has been reduced from 24 KW to 4.5 KW. We achieved significant savings in electricity consumption, resulting in approximately 70% less electricity usage compared to my previous heating system. The odors of food preparation, vapors, and smoke in the restaurant have been significantly reduced. The moisture in the walls has been measurably reduced, resulting in a more comfortable warmth, a significantly improved microclimate, and an overall better atmosphere in the rooms. Both we and our guests have noticed and confirmed the improvements in the atmosphere of the restaurant. With your heating system, we have made a valuable contribution to environmental protection and reducing our carbon footprint. The overall experience with your infrared heating system has been outstanding in terms of its affordability, efficiency, and level of comfort it provides. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend your heating system. I wish you continued success in the future.
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