Kundenbericht von Anna: "... Ich war skeptisch"

Customer review from Anna: "... I was skeptical"

I am a 65-year-old pensioner living in an old building from the 1930s with relatively poor insulation. My pension is just enough to buy all the necessities, pay my monthly bills, and save some money for my grandchildren. My gas heater broke down, and I was very worried about how I would heat my rooms for the upcoming winter. Luckily, my son bought eco2heat® heaters for me in year 2021 and equipped my entire ground floor with them, including the room where I sleep. A total of 50m2 surface area including a living room, small bedroom, small bathroom, hallway, and kitchen.

From Skepticism to Lower Heating Bills
I must admit that I was very skeptical at first because I was told that eco2heat® heaters work with electricity. I had some bad experiences with conventional electric heaters before because they are not healthy and are very expensive to operate.

To my surprise, eco2heat® heaters are the opposite of the heaters I used to have. They are very cost-effective even for an old building like mine. And the initial cost was very affordable compared to other heating systems. There aren't many options out there to buy a budget-friendly system for my type of building, but with eco2heat® heaters, I have everything I need. The monthly cost is entirely acceptable, with an average of 15 kW of electricity per day during the heating season (Oct - May). Much less than what I would normally pay for gas heating. I was overjoyed when my electricity provider actually returned money to me on my electricity bill.

Moisture and mold disappeared. But that's not all. The warmth feels so much more comfortable and cozy. It's a very pleasant heat, almost like being out on a sunny day.

In addition, the room climate improved so much that I can feel the difference. In some of the rooms, I used to have an old musty smell because there was a lot of moisture in the wall. It was so bad that I had to consult a building expert to do tests.
In the rooms where I don't have the heating panels, the moisture level is still very high. But in the rooms where I have the IR panels, there is no moisture anymore, and the mold in the walls is now gone! Even the building expert was so surprised that he took a picture of the heating panels and asked where he could buy them.

Experiencing this firsthand made a big impression on me. I am very happy and satisfied with my new eco2heat® heating system and can especially recommend it to older people who need to look for a budget-friendly solution with many health benefits.




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